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Technical FAQ

Q: I have just received my PC, how do I set it up?
A: Please see our first time set up video below:

Q: I have no signal on the monitor:
A: Firstly, you need to make sure you are plugging in the correct lead into the correct port on the back of the PC. Because all of our systems ship with a dedicated graphics card, you need to be plugging your video lead into the bottom connections. This is a common mistake especially with first time graphics users!

You may also want to try a different lead or a different monitor to rule out any issues with external hardware before ruling the PC as the culprit.
Q: I hear no sound while playing games or listening to music:
A: The first step to try is to check if you are plugging the speaker set into the correct output device. If you have a dedicated sound card such as you will need to plug your speakers into the sound card itself, not the motherboard output jacks. Make sure you are plugging the speakers into the correct color port, usually this port is green or blue. If you are using a multi-channel speaker system, try using headphones or a two piece speaker set.

Customer Service FAQ

Q: When will I receive my brand new PC?
A: Our build time is around 3-5 working days. The build process starts once we have finialised and processed your order. During this period, your PC will be carefully put together, each component will then be stress tested to the maximum, and finally system prepared including installation of chosen operating system along with all drivers so it's ready for action when you receive the PC. We want to make sure all components are fully operational before sending out your brand new machine.
Q: How long is my warranty cover for?
A: We only offer the best quality goods and services, the highest craftsmanship and the up-most attention to detail on every system we develop. Unfortunately, things can go wrong, and we know the hassle and costs involved when one of the components becomes faulty. A major nuisance can be an intermittent fault that occurs infrequently and can cost a lot of money in terms of labour hours to diagnose and remedy. Thats why we offer an unbeatable warranty that will go beyond our customers expectations. We offer an incredible 3 years Bronze warranty as standard! This means in the first year of your warranty, we'll cover all the work, labour and shipping costs. The following 2 years we will cover all labour costs only! And at any time for an additional fee, this can be upgraded to any of our other warranty packages. (Please call us at any time to upgrade your warranty) Overclocking, modifications and removal of any serial numbers will void warranty. Operating systems and software are NOT covered by warranty. If the problem is found to be caused by either software or user error, you will have to notify the software manufacturer of the issue.

We also offer our customers LIFETIME aftercare assistance, which means once your warranty has expired we won't leave you in the dark should you ever need any help. We will always be here for our customers.
Q: What is the returns process?
A: If you have just received the computer system and it is within the first 14 days of original delivery & there are issues with the hardware with the system then we will provide a full 100% refund on the price of the computer system once the unit has arrived back to our facility and we have confirmed the issues to be hardware related. We will work very closely with our customers to make sure this transition is as smooth as possible.
Q: What will I receive with my PC?
A: You will receive all manufacturers manuals and CD discs that were provided with each component. You will also receive a hard copy of your chosen Microsoft Windows operating system should you have selected one with your PC. You will also receive a 3 year bronze warranty cover as standard with your PC.
Q: How can I pay for my PC?
A:There are several way to pay for your PC. Online is the easiest and quickest for our customers, with a range of payment options including Debit/Credit Card and also Paypal. If you are local or easier for yourself, you can arrange to pay on collection of your PC. You will receive a courtesy call when your PC is ready to be collected, and you can pay cash or card on collection. Please note that if you pay for your machine online or over the phone, you won't be able to collect from our shop.
Q: Where are you located?
A: We are located in Wolverhampton in the West Midlands. Our address is as follows:

Unit 15, Four Ashes Ind Estate
Station Road
WV10 7DB
Q: Where is my product key?
A: If you have purchased a Microsoft Operating system with your new PC, you will be asked to enter your product key when you set up the PC for the first time. As you purchase your PC and operating system together as a bundle, we associate that product key with your new PC. We take the sticker from the Windows booklet and place is on the side panel of the PC, usually near the top.




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